What is the TOV?

The Mansco Products TOV Viscometer System is an in-line process viscometer. The TOV Probe, with viscosity sensor, is installed directly into main process flow locations or directly into vessels in batch systems. Unlike capillaries or laboratory viscometers, there are no side-stream or special temperature considerations. The Probe can be designed for high temperature and high-pressure applications. The low shear rate of measurement provides the highest level of sensitivity while the rugged design assures continuing reliability and measurement repeatability. The TOV’s unmatched sensitivity, repeatability and low maintenance requirements make it the superior choice in process viscosity measurement solutions.

The TOV Advantage

  • Over 50 years experience in industrial applications
  • Lowest Shear Rate of measurement in any dynamic viscometer for unmatched sensitivity 
  • Repeatability factor over 99.5% producing the same sensitivity day after day, week after week, year after year.
  • TOV requires little or to no maintenance
  • Designed for rigors of production lines
  • Real time viscosity measurement, no lag time or delays
  • High temperature models up to 350°C with no cooling
  • High pressure models for over 10,000 psi
  • Custom sensor sizing for optimum measurement of your process rather than a one size fits all


The general rule is: "If the fluid can be pumped, then it can be measured using the TOV Viscometer System. Applications of the TOV Viscometer System include:

TOV System Components

TOV Probe
Sensor installed into the process
Model TOVS (shown) or model TOVL
Electronics (control or instrument area)
Model TOVM2.0Z shown
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