Why Buy the TOV Viscometer System?

Repeatability & Reliability
With a repeatability factor of 99.5%, the TOV Viscometer System is the most reliable means of viscosity measurement. (i.e. better quality for lower costs).
The TOV Viscometer System is robust and very durable. TOV Viscometer Systems typically operate continuously for more than a decade without interruption. The TOV Probe requires little or no maintenance costs thus reducing overall production costs.
Once installed, the TOV requires little or no maintenance. All TOV Transducer calibrations are accessed from the front panel and are very user-friendly.

How to Buy the TOV Viscometer System?

Each TOV System is custom built to suit the needs of our customer and their process specifications. CONTACT US today to request a quote for your custom TOV system.

We have sales agents across the globe to assist with the evaluation and sale of the TOV Viscometer system. We can provide you with the contact information for your local sales agent.
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