To Provide the Most Sensitive and Reliable In-Line Viscosity Measurement

The Best and Most Reliable Viscosity Measuring Instrument

Mansco Products, Inc. is the manufacturer and supplier of the TOV Viscometer System™ for in-line viscosity measurement. The TOV is the original dynamic viscometer and since the TOV inception it has gained the reputation as the best and most reliable viscosity measuring instrument.

Our years of experience and innovation is why our worldwide sales and distribution continues to grow. Our dedication and support to our customers is why our system is regarded as integral part of their production process not only for measurement, but greater process control.


The Mansco Products TOV Viscometer System

Our TOV Viscometer is an in-line process viscosity measurement solution providing a real-time, sensitive viscosity measurement.  The TOV advantage is a proven tool with over 60 years of use in many process applications and installations globally. With a rugged, low maintenance design and superior sensitivity, the end result is a more meaningful viscosity measurement for process control.
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