Viscometer System
Frequently Asked Questions:
  What is the TOV Viscometer System?     
  The TOV (Torsional Oscillatory Viscometer) System is the most reliable and sensitive viscometer for industrial process-control applications.  It is used in liquids, slurries, and polymer melts and is capable of installations into high pressure and high temperature processes. With a track record of over 40 years, the TOV continues to be the choice for sensitive, reliable, real-time measurement and tight process control.  
  If the TOV System has been used for over 40 years, in measuring viscosities for an in-line environment, why haven’t I ever heard of Mansco Products?  
  Until 1999, Mansco Products was limited by agreements to distribute and sell only to DuPont plants and DuPont technology licensees. In 1999, the agreements expired and replaced a new agreement with DuPont. The new agreement has enabled Mansco to finally market and sell the TOV to the general world market.  In addition, DuPont and its technology licensees still use the TOV and rely on its unmatched ability for their viscosity measurement and tight process control.  
  How is the TOV System different from other viscosity measuring instruments?  
  The TOV is the most reliable, accurate and sensitive viscometer available. The TOV Advantage comes from the superior design and the superior physics of the instrument. The TOV System is the most sensitive in-line device available for measuring viscosity anywhere within a range of .01 to 100,000 poise. Mansco uses customer provided specifications and information to custom design and custom size the TOV Probe.  This allows the TOV to provide a more narrow viscosity range of its sensor to match the customers range leading to even greater sensitivity.  Also, the TOV Probe can be installed in temperature up to 350°C with no cooling and has yet to meet a pressure that it cannot handle as it has been designed for applications over 10,000 psi.  With the optional RTD temperature sensor, the temperature measurement is made at the point where the viscosity is measured and the TOV Transducer provides Temperature Compensation so only "real" molecular changes are seen, not apparent changes due to temperature changes. The TOV advantage is so much more.  Please check out the TOV Comparisons and the TOV Brochures so you can see the TOV Advantage.  

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