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The TOV Probe is the mechanical portion of

the TOV System.  It is installed so that the

TOV Sensor is located in the process itself. 

There are two TOV Probe Models available:

    The TOV Transducer is the electronic component of the TOV System. Its functions include receiving probe signals and conditioning these signals before transmission to the recording devices.  
    A custom rack is also available to house the TOV Transducers . The TOV Rack can house up to for transducers creating an optimal viscosity monitoring station.
An Adaptor is needed for every installation to install the TOV Probe . The TOV Adaptor is designed per customer specifications.  As part of the ordering process, Mansco engineers work closely with customers to make sure the best installation location is chosen.  Mansco Products designs the Adaptor and provides drawings for customer approval or even manufacture by a local vendor.  Mansco also offers complete Adaptor manufacture using our many years of TOV experience.

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